itedas Values Manifesto

Fairness, openness and benefits for customers

The use of the curricula offered here is free for everyone under the Creative Commons licence "Distribution under equal conditions 4.0 International". The only commitment that every trainer should voluntarily enter into is his or her commitment to our values manifesto. Trainers who enter into this commitment can be listed on our site upon request.

The itedas values manifesto for trainers and coaches consists of two value statements and 10 principles that should be lived by everyone:


  • Fairness and openness in cooperation are our greatest assets.
  • The benefit to our customers is the measure of our success.


    1. We put the focus of our efforts on people.
    2. We ensure that the expectations of our customers/participants/coaches are fulfilled on the basis of mutual agreement.
    3. Our training courses, workshops and coaching sessions put the focus on the practical benefits.
    4. Our motto is "From theory and practice for practical applications".
    5. We guarantee that the contents are taught professionally.
    6. We have extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in not only the technical and professional fields, but also in the didactic-methodical sphere.
    7. We keep our extensive theoretical and practical knowledge continuously up to date through further training.
    8. We guarantee a quality standard which is oriented towards the benefit to our customers/participants and which leads to our continuous further development and improvement.
    9. We present our qualifications and experience in a sincere manner.
    10. We undertake to act with integrity, independently and impartially and avoid conflicts of interest.