itedas Value Manifesto

Fairness, openness and benefits for customers

Value Manifesto

The itedas value manifesto for coaches and trainers consists of two value statements and ten principles, each of which has been committed by each coach/trainer to get listed on the itedas website.

Value Statements

Fairness and openness in cooperation are our highest assets.

The benefit for our customers is the measure of our success.


1. Focus on the human being
We put people at the center of our efforts.

2. Mutual Agreement
We ensure that the expectations of our customers/participants/coachees are met on the basis of mutual agreement.

3. Practical benefits
Our trainings, workshops and coaching put the practical benefits in the foreground.

4. Theory and practice
Our motto is "From theory and practice for practice" and thus put pragmatic solutions in the foreground.

5. Professionalism
We guarantee professionalism in teaching the content.

6. Knowledge
We have extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in both professional and didactic-methodological areas.

7. Continuing Education
We keep our extensive theoretical and practical knowledge up to date by means of continuing education.

8. Quality
We guarantee a quality standard based on the benefit of our customers/participants.

9. Sincerity
We honestly present our qualifications and experience and recommend partners as needed.

10. Independence
We commit ourselves to act with integrity, independence and impartiality and to avoid conflicts of interest.

To register as a trainer on the itedas website

With the registration you not only have a greater range of influence but also the possibility to carry out the final certification exam.