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itedas Certified Scrum Practitioner Curriculum

Scrum Master - Product Owner - Scrum Coach


The syllabus for the "itedas Certified Scrum Practitioner" training is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to successfully work as a member of a Scrum team.

The participants' abilities to "remember" the explained concepts and concepts and to "understand" them so that they can be used in practice are examined.

Successful participants receive an internationally recognized confirmation of their knowledge (certificate) issued by an independent body.

Target audience

The program is aimed at both internal and external persons who fulfill a role relevant in the context of agile project management based on Scrum or who are interested in this topic.

The syllabus takes into account the fact that all Scrum roles must have the same basic knowledge to successfully implement projects according to Scrum. This is also reflected in the various degrees of the certification exam.

No matter what role you want to play in the Scrum team, whether you are a development team member, product owner, or scrum master, you need to understand the core elements of Scrum and master their role. This program provides the appropriate basis.

Scrum Master

In the Scrum Master Seminar you will learn how Scrum works. Thus, this seminar is the basis for all those who want to take on a role (Scrum Master, Porduct Owner or Developer) in a Scrum team.

Product Owner

Based on the knowledge of the Scrum Master Seminar, you will learn everything worth knowing in this seminar so that you can successfully act as product manager in a Scrum team.

Scrum Coach - in preparation

In order to work successfully as a Scrum Coach, you need a sound knowledge of when and why the agile approach to projects is successful. In this seminar you will learn the background to successfully implement Scrum in various environments.