Do You Have Questions?

Then just have a look at our FAQ. And if you couldn't find the answer, you are welcome to contact us.

General questions

For one thing, because we believe that sharing will make everyone profitable (keyword: shared economy).

On the other hand, because in our eyes knowledge, in the present time, should be common knowledge and available to all, so that as many as possible have the chance to develop further.

Therefore, all learning plans and materials are freely available under the Creative Commons Free Culture License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

For the development of curricula, a group of like-minded subject matter experts meets in the framework of a Domain Steering Committee (DSC).  These subject matter experts ensure that the contents of the syllabi not only meet the theory but are also presented in a practical form.

Here are the most varied possibilities.  It's best to send us an email and talk about it: mail to itedas

There are several aspects to consider about quality:

  • Syllabi Quality Assurance: Syllabus design is managed by a Domain Steering Committee (DSC).  Each DSC consists of about 3-9 subject matter experts.  DSCs are responsible for ensuring that curricula are up-to-date and practical.
  • Quality assurance of the seminars/workshops: The quality assurance of the trainings is carried out by the trainer on the basis of feedback from the participants. After the coaches are known to the client personally, it is ensured that the client knows what he gets. Coaches that perform poorly will not receive any more orders in a very short time and/or get bad reviews.
  • Quality assurance of the test procedure (exam): All certification examinations are carried out by Certible. Certible is an independent certification body that performs certification exams worldwide.  The main field of activity of Certible is the personal certification in different departments of the IT sector. The Certible service covers the entire examination process.


Questions about self-study

Very easily:

  1. Download the materials provided by itedas.
  2. Obtain the most important sources of information mentioned in the materials.
  3. Work through the materials and try test exam.
  4. If you are fit, sign up for the certification exam (see FAQ).

Questions about the certification exam

The certification exams are conducted by Certible, an independent certification body. Certible specializes in personal certifications in IT.

The examination supervisor (invigilator) acts in accordance with the framework prescribed by the Certification Body (Certible) and has to ensure that the examinees pass the examination properly.

The evaluation of the tests is always carried out by the certification body (Certible).

For certification exams that take place as part of an exam organized by Certible and performed on a tablet or PC.  The candidates receive an initial preliminary result immediately after the examination. The final result will then be sent by e-mail.

For paper-based exams: The examining supervisor sends the answer sheets to the certification body for evaluation. After evaluation, the candidates receive the results by e-mail.

The official certificate comes a few days later by mail.

The certificates have no expiration date and are thus valid for life.


In a certification seminar, you will learn the basics of a topic. Whether and to what extent these principles can always be applied in every situation must always be decided on a case-by-case basis in daily practice.

Even with all the effort to incorporate practical case studies in the seminars. It remains in large parts with a theoretical knowledge, which you acquire. It's like the driver's license. The practice you get only by the practice and not by repeating the driving license examination.

That's why our certificates do not lose their validity.

That depends on it.

If you are at the beginning of your career or a career change, a newly acquired certificate is proof that you are serious about a topic and helps you open doors.

If you have not dealt with a topic for a long time in your professional life, an older certificate will help you prove your broadband knowledge. However, it will not help you to take up a position as a subject matter expert in this area.  For this you need practical experience.

Questions from the trainer's point of view

No, not for conducting seminars. Participants in your seminars can then, like self-study candidates, register directly with Certible for the official certification exam.

Interested trainers ca be listed on our site, as long as you are committed to our value manifesto.

In order to carry out certification examinations after your seminar, you have to admit to our value manifesto and you have to be listed it on our website.

In order to be able to offer seminars or workshops on the basis of the materials provided by itedas, there are no prerequisites to be met. Simply download, develop, offer and execute.

As a trainer, you have several options:

  • Vouchers: You buy vouchers from the certification body (Certible) that allow your participants to take part in an official exam date of the certification body.
  • Appointment of external auditing oversight (invigilator): You can order auditing supervision from the certification body (Certible) to carry out the audit. This is free of charge if you meet a minimum number of participants in the exam.
  • As a trainer, you take over the auditing supervision: In this case, you must commit to our value manifesto and yout must be listed on our site.

itedas recommends that all subject-matter experts who work as trainers be evaluated by the participants via a rating portal so that they can better position themselves.

Specialists who tend to look after a rather loyal clientele can usually do without it.

In contrast, subject matter experts who address a larger target group generally benefit from the advantages of a rating portal.

Unfortunately this is not possible. Even not for money. The reason for this is that the quality of a training depends entirely on the trainer's personality and ability. - No matter what "logo" he serves.

With our website, we want to give individual trainers the opportunity to offer their services.

Just send us an e-mail with your consent that you commit to our value manifest as well as the following information:

  • salutation
  • first name
  • family name
  • email address
  • country, zip code, city
  • offered itedas seminars

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